Don't Miss out on these Blazing Special Offers!

10th November 2016

Don't Miss out on these Blazing Special Offers!

At Portadown Fireplaces we strive to provide our customers with the best possible deals which is why we have an extensive range of spectacular fireplaces and stoves on offer every day of the week! Below are five incredible stoves that are currently on offer so keep reading to find out about cheap fireplaces in Northern Ireland!


Freestanding stoves have becoborume a hot favourite in recent years, mainly due to the fact that these stoves are incredibly versatile and can be easily relocated to another room in the household. The Boru Carraig Beag has a massive 8kw output which enables it to heat up a large room, even during the coldest times of the year. This stove is compact but effective. It can sit on a standard hearth and it will still burn just as brightly and efficiently as any other stove twice its size.



smartyBe smart and invest in a timeless masterpiece of modern wood burning stoves. The Nord[eis Smarty stove is perfect as the compelling centrepiece for your living room. It has been inspired by the 1970’s, evident by its intricate detailing and stylish chrome handle. Aside from its obvious beauty, this stove features the latest and most powerful technological advancements in stoves including both an Airwash and Cleanburn system. It has a heat output of 5kw and an impressive efficiency percentage of 81.2%!



charnwoodThis extravagant Charnwood C5 is the latest wood burning stove from Charnwood with an excellent heat output of 5.0kw. This stove can instantly make a house into a warm and welcoming home. It has been DEFRA exempted which means it is able to burn wood safely, even in areas where smoke control is a priority. With a net efficiency of 75.7%, the C-Five provides top performance which is massively due to the fact that this stove features one single air control system for excellent clean burning.



westfireLooking for a unique stove that will make your home burn the brightest? The Westfire Uniq 26 is a contemporary styled cylinder stove that can add a touch of instant modernity into your living space. It boasts a sleek and smooth design with a heat output of 5kw. An included Airwash system allows for panoramic views whilst the intense light from the fire instantly brightens its surroundings, providing a warm glow which makes this efficient stove one of the most unique and compelling of its kind.



earlThis fascinating steel and cast iron stove has immense strength at its core which enables it to provide excellent heat efficiency and superb performance results. The ACR Earlswood has a 5kw output and a full DEFRA approval which makes it eligible to burn wood even in areas condemned as smoke controlled zones. This multi-fuel stove comes with an external riddling grate and a high performing air wash which keeps the glass free from tar and soot build up.


By Trevor McCann - Business Manager, 10th November 2016, Fireplaces Tech and Reviews

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