The Key Advantages of an Electric Fireplace

10th November 2016

The Key Advantages of an Electric Fireplace

The flickering fire laments as the heart of a happy home. The warmth from the flames can turn a cold and miserable day into a glorious turnaround but unfortunately installing and maintaining a traditional fireplace can be both costly and time consuming. If you don’t have a chimney in your home then you can quickly forget about adding logs to the fire which is why it is often best suited for people to opt for an electric fire alternative. You can still have the elegance and nostalgic elements of a classic fire but instead of working hard to keep the fire alive, you can use a simple remote control to adjust the flames and heat output as you please.

strong>Types of Electric Fireplaces There are three types of electric fireplaces. Each of them are fairly similar and act as a kind of electric heater. The first is the free-standing electric fireplace which has a similar appearance to a classic fire but works just like any other basic electric powered fire. The second variation is the wall mounted fireplace. This comes in many different designs and sizes. They are convenient and don’t take up any floor space whatsoever. The third and final type of electric fire comes in the form of electric wood logs which captures the essence of the traditional fire as they are often placed inside an actual fireplace and look as though they are burning coal or wood logs to add to the overall authenticity of the fire. elect1Low Operating Costs Electric fireplaces are cheap to install and easy to operate. Unlike a traditional fireplace which requires a constant supply of coal and fire wood to keep it going, an electric fire requires virtually no upkeep. You can save time, effort and money with an electric fireplace as they are said to be 100% energy efficient. If you are worried about electricity bills, worry no more! Electric fires use the same amount of energy as a standard coffee maker (a few pence per day) so you will end up saving MORE cash in the long-run. Eco-Friendly Wood-burning fires emit hazardous by-products into the atmosphere which can be
harmelect4ful to not only the environment but to those within your home as well. Electric fires are completely environmental friendly as they produce no harmful pollutants. They are definitely the safer choice with equipped heat-proof glass. This means that if you have kids or pets for example, they will not accidently burn themselves by touching the glass. This is a huge relief for parents up and down the country who can now rest easy knowing that their electric fire poses no threat to the people most important to them.

By Trevor McCann - Business Manager, 10th November 2016, Fireplaces Tech and Reviews

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