Kindle Warmth into your Home with a NEW Gazco Stove!

10th November 2016

Kindle Warmth into your Home with a NEW Gazco Stove!

A home isn’t complete without a fire and what better way to bring warmth into your home than with a gorgeous Gas or Electric Gazco Stove. Whether you need a stove for the countryside or the big city, these innovative products will bring instant style and heat into your home. They act as a fine centrepiece, adding character and spirit into your living space.

Below are some of Gazco’s most innovative and efficient stoves, so check them out and if you want to find out more about these and other products available at Portadown Fireplaces, don’t forget to give us a call – we love hearing from you!

The Superb VFCConvector


Evocative and aesthetic, the VFC range is truly breath-taking. Inspired by the Arts movement of the 1920s and 1930s, this Gazco fire brings forth the original and captivating style of the era whilst providing you with the modern and latest technologies in gas fires. It comes with an original variable flame which can burn with dazzling yellow flames or a translucent blue flame which brings a touch of magic into the room.

Natural Gas or LPG is needed to operate this fire or, if you prefer, you can opt for the power flued version that comes with an additional powered flue kit. The VFC Convertor is available in matt black, polished chrome, polished brass or highlight polished – the choices are endless!


The Lavish Riva2 500

riva1 riva2 riva3


This stove insert is perfect for making a bold statement, featuring sleek black reflective surfaces and an edgy geometric design. Ideal for contemporary homes, the Riva2 500 is designed to fit into a standard 22" fireplace opening which makes it suitable for most homes in the UK and Ireland.

It’s a high efficiency fire with an efficiency percentage of up to 82%! It comes with a thermostatic remote control, log fuel bed and it can be operated via LPG or natural gas.

The Brilliant Gas Marlborough Stove

marl1 marl2

Sometimes it can be difficult to choose the right kind of stove to suit your personal style and the rest of your home décor. People usually reside in either the hard core contemporary enthusiasts style or the more classical and traditional styling side of things.

The Gas Marlborough speaks to both lifestyles as it has the flexibility to fit in no matter its surroundings. This stove is controlled manually which allows you to determine the heat of the dancing flames as well as the heat output. There is a warm ambience with this stove that brings instant character into the home.

The Powerful Electric Marlborough Stove

marlelect1 marlelect2


This variation of the Marlborough offers a realistic log effect fire at the touch of a button. It comes with adjustable legs which makes it incredibly flexible and versatile. The Electric Marlborough features a whole cast iron insert and a wonderful wide angled format of glass which provides plenty of light as well as heat.


Change up the mood by transforming the flames into a dazzling blue hue which adds instant modernity and a unique atmosphere into the room. This stove is ideal for homes without a chimney and it works perfectly in living rooms, bedrooms or in the home study room – anywhere you like!

By Trevor McCann - Business Manager, 10th November 2016, Fireplaces Tech and Reviews

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