Charnwood Stoves: 5 of our Winter Favourites

10th November 2016

Charnwood Stoves: 5 of our Winter Favourites

Charnwood stoves use only the latest technology advancements in the industry to design and build their finest multi-fuel and wood burning stoves. Bringing a persistent array of warmth, these stoves burn fuel at maximum efficiency with extremely low output emissions. This gives onlookers a clear, admired view of the dancing flames behind the sparkling clean glass.

Charnwood stoves are outstanding and with so many different designs on offer at Portadown Fireplaces (both online and in our spectacular showroom), there is a perfect stove for everyone. Here are just five of our favourite Charnwood stoves available today:



cove2b1The Cove collection consists of a soft contemporary edge. Available in three different sizes, each stove features one singular door that is beautifully curved – the picture of modern elegance. The Cove 2B is particularly fascinating which gives off the same amount of heat as seven radiators. Plate steel, cast iron, firebrick and ceramic glass make up the material composition of the Cove 2B.

This stove is suitable for underfloor heating and uses modern cleanburn airwash technology which ensures a spectacular view of the fire 24/7. You have a choice of eight colours including matt black, almond, gunmetal, green, blue, bronze and many more.

2. Island

island2 island11

As a wood and multi-fuel burning masterpiece, the Island range is truly breath-taking. Double doors, high legs and a Quattroflow air control, this collection is lightyears ahead of its time. They are incredibly simple to operate and with its innovative grate, these stoves offer clean-burn efficiency.


The Island II CT has a heat output of 8kW and features a great soapstone hotplate for direct on and hob cooking. You can heat up the room and get the dinner on the table at the same time! It is easy to reload and cool-to-touch safe, perfect for busy families with kids and pets running about the house.


3. The Bembridge

country country1

This stunning new stove was designed and created by Charnwood and Country Living Magazine. If you’re looking for a classic but stylish stove that breathes sophistication and country living into your home, then this is the stove for you.


The Bembridge is available in a range of different options such as a flue boiler, brass and wooden handle, store stand and vertical rear flue adaptor etc. It comes in black, almond, gunmetal, soft green and French grey – ooh la la!


4. Bay Insert

bay1 bay2

Put your feet up in front of the glamourous Bay collection from Charnwood. Featuring a curved surround and vast landscape window, the Bay Insert seems to ‘fit into’ any home. Made from cast iron, plate steel and ceramic glass, this stove is designed for easy use and installation.


The Bay 5 is just one variation in this exciting range, featuring a gorgeously patterned vitreous enamel surround. With a heat output of 5.0kW, this stove not only gives out heat but it able to withstand it thanks to the intensely durable surface finish of the product.


5. Country

realcountry realcountry1

Experience the tranquillity and romance of the natural countryside, brought into your own home thanks to the beautifully stunning Charnwood Country collection. They come as either multi-fuel burning or traditional wood burning appliances. You can heat the room as a regular stove or turn it on as a full central heating system.

The Country 4 wood-buring stoves features a cleanburn airwash system for optimal fire views with an output of 4.8Kw. It is available with a reciprocating grate and clip-on shelf for extra style and efficiency.


By Trevor McCann - Business Manager, 10th November 2016, Fireplaces Tech and Reviews

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